Rusty Hearts online +_+

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enjoy the awesomeness of the graphical art...closed beta coming sooooon

Super Street Fighter IV PS3 trailers

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sorry the videos wont fit in the posting for now follow the url's

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

waaaaay more than 2 months !!!

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time to remove all the dust that covered this place !!!

Hi people (^^)/, it's been ages since the last post...I've been busy with "nothing" and almost forgot about my blog page, now I'm trying to catch up with life let's start...

Congratulations to all Tawjihi students ^^
Congratulations to all university students ^^
Special Congratulations to JUST students......we are always "the last man standing" in exams :p
Happy birthday to whomever I missed
Ramadan Kareem
Congratulations to all nihongo students from all levels on passing the exams and thank you for the wonderful party :)

I've finally finished my struggle with the exams and classes in JUST ^^ in 24/8/2009 at exactly 12:13 pm, too bad the doctor didn't allow me to take a picture of that moment.....all is left now is the project and Training in the next semester

I was having some problems with my internet connection during the last week "a bit better now ---> only 4 disconnections while I was writing this post", which gave me some time to experience some other pleasures than "megaten" xD such as Prototype, Guitar Hero : World Tour and Street fighter IV...Look forward for the coming posts for more info on those work of art games

on the anime side...Naruto is still in the -dropped- list, any opinions/advices are accepted on that subject, also I partially dropped Bleach " I really hate meaningless fillers"
on the other hand I'm catching up with one piece...this show always makes me like this "o.o",always unpredictable,funny,surprising,laid back,serious,nonstop action... it's always getting better and better I'm at eps 399 now....I cant imagine life without one piece !!
I'm still way behind in FMA and DB kai though D:

Time for a pre-sohour snack :p
take care people :)

here and there

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it's been a while since my last post, but it's that time of the semester when every minute has it's value "the FINALS" ...err honestly it's the time where you start to feel you have much time and nothing to do, I'll be the last one who finish the exams in the country because one of them got postponed to 18/6...

anyways here are some highlights on what I've been doing...

finally the Godfather 2 game download finished after 2 months "started :4/4/2009 | finished:2/6/2009" ...I don't know what kept me from canceling it---->I was lazy

also thanks to Barry-san I've started playing megaten, a fun and interesting online game..I've also been lucky to join an ultra cool clan named EDUN
I'm playing a gunner female character named ZooN due to some circumstances, it's really a weird feeling when I get referred to by she/her "sorry girls"

I've also attended some of my friends' seminars, all the EE department's seminars were held on the same day, so you can imagine how huge the party atmosphere was...we had a lot fun and ate a lot of chocolate, Good luck my friends and congratulations \(^o^)y

all of this fired me up to work harder on the graduation project...which is sadly still in its starting phase...we had a lot of problems and got confused...but we are trying out best to get back on the track

anyways back to studying now...

The beginning of the lasts

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sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks, but I've been drowning in the exams !
the exams streak is still on going from the beginning of the third week of the semester until now..since then every week I had at least 1 exam if not more...
I've missed 2 consecutive nihongo lectures for the same reason too
. ∙ º º ∙(/ д \)∙ º º ∙ .

anyways for the main subject of this post ^_^

Finally the final countdown has started and I began counting the "lasts" yesterday,
yesterday I finished the last lab in my life as an undergraduate university student, for the records it was a Microwaves lab and the experiment was about reactive impedance and impedance matching ! "pictures are to be uploaded tomorrow"
EDIT : pictures uploaded

The Digital Communication lab just before my last one
"PSK modulation & demodulation"

The Microwaves lab

No more labs for me in J.U.S.T , I recall someone told me that when I reach this stage I'll start to feel sad and regret everyday that I didn't live the university life in....well I just feel the opposite... I'm the happiest person in the world \(^o\) (/o^)/

If everything goes as planned this semester, only 6 hours, a project and training separates me from a new hopefully better life where I don't have to under go the 3orobah bus fight every morning and afternoon

my list of lasts that need to be filled contains :
the last first exam, second exam, final exam, last homework, last presentation, last quiz, last registration, last day and finally the last 3orobah ticket

wish me luck everyone ^^
enough talking...time to study for the next exam @@